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TruthRss is a forum where difficult and timely questions receive unbiased and balanced examination. The primary mission will always be to provide readers with a thorough investigation of each subject, weighing the facts without attempting to project a certain agenda and sorting through the varying accounts to arrive at the unvarnished truth. To this end, you, the reader, will be asked to decide for yourself what the truth is after examining the presented facts, rather than being presented with opinion masquerading as truth like so much of what is found in today’s popular media.Our articles aim to examine subjects that don’t often receive a great deal of attention in “mainstream” media, but which we believe warrant a closer look. We’ll never tell you what to believe or attempt to deliver our personal slant as the “right” way to think about something. We leave the interpretation up to our readers, whom we believe are capable of making their own decisions about what is truth. Our goal is simply to provide a forum where this is possible.

The Resource page will provide readers with further exploration of various subjects, allowing supplementary study of the issues raised with in-depth articles, videos, interviews, websites, photographs or other relevant materials. These additional resources allow our readers to pursue study in related subject matter for their own personal edification.

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