Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theories


Conspiracy theories swirl around the Denver International Airport. Built in 1995, the airport replaced Denver’s popular Stapleton Airport with what is the largest airport complex in the United States, at just over 54 square miles. Its unusual roofline was meant to echo the craggy Rocky Mountains, but its distinctive silhouette has earned it the nickname of the “circus tent” by Denver’s population.


The airport’s runway system, built for maximum efficiency in a pinwheel pattern to combat Denver’s high crosswinds, bears a startling resemblance to a Nazi swastika.


Such enigmas have become fuel for a range of conspiracy theories that attempt to answer questions raised by some of the stranger design choices of airport architects.





Ties to the Iluminati?

Strange symbology and a secretive underground lair have caused conspiracy theorists to see Iluminati influence in the airport’s construction.


The Iluminati is theorized to be bent on enslaving the world population for its own evil purposes, however, if there were overlords bent on storing human slaves in the Denver airport, it would seem counter-intuitive to place their lair right where people were sure to see it. The Iluminati would be better served to build a human containment unit in a mountain cave, rather than in the basement of one of the busiest airports in the world.

Reptoids, Freemasons and Neo-Nazis

Some conspiracy theorists contend that a cabal of secretive and powerful people are working behind the scenes to bring about a New World Order. Among the groups fingered for such nefarious plans are the Neo-Nazis, who are believed to be planning a worldwide genocide to reduce the numbers of humans to a manageable level. The extensive underground construction at the airport has become a beacon for some, who point out the ability to house massive amounts of people in its cavernous depths. Skeptics claim the underground area is simply the remains of a badly executed and expensive baggage conveyor system, but this reason has not convinced hardcore conspiracy theorists.

A plaque on airport grounds bears the distinctive symbol of the Freemasons, leading some to think a deeper connection to this secretive brotherhood might be indicated. While there is indeed a Freemason compass and square engraved on the plaque, it’s there because the Freemasons commissioned the plaque and designed it to carry their symbol.


A conspiracy theorist named David Icke posited the existence of a Reptoid race of aliens bent on world domination. Although there are some intriguing mysteries to be found at the airport, it is difficult to find evidence of the involvement of Reptoids in its daily workings.

Art for Art’s Sake?


From the gigantic blue sculpture of a rearing stallion with glowing eyes to gargoyles peeking out of opened luggage in the airport’s baggage claim area, DIA’s artwork is unconventional, to say the least. A two-part mural attracts attention for its myriad of colorful figures, but closer inspection shows scenes of strange cruelty in one of the more controversial works. In it, a grotesque soldier toting a machine gun looms over a host of innocent people, including a grieving mother cradling her dead child. While the artist claimed the work is meant to show the heartlessness of war and the fulfillment of peace, some have questioned the appropriateness of having scenes of devastation played out in the concourse of a major airport. Those who agree there are indications of Illuminati or Neo-Nazi influence point to this work of art as being a the roadmap of a coming genocide.


There are also unusual words scattered about the airport. Visitors might notice subtle lettering underneath their feet as they walk through the airport’s public spaces. Some have contended that this unfamiliar collection of words is evidence of a kind of alien language. While phrases such as “Dzit Dit Gaii” or “Niinenii Niicie” may not be comprehensible to most people, they are in reality Colorado place names written in the Navajo language, rather than evidence of alien contact.

With a swastika shaped runway, a circus tent roof, lettering in an esoteric language, and disturbing murals, the Denver International Airport does provide plenty of fodder for those who see signs of a possible secretive complex. While perhaps only time will answer some of the most burning questions conspiracy theorists have, DIA will remain an enigma for many who pass through its busy concourses.

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Denver International Airport Conspiracy Theories
With a swastika shaped runway, a circus tent roof, lettering in an esoteric language, and disturbing murals, the Denver International Airport does provide plenty of fodder for those who see signs of a possible secretive complex.
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